Todd Wagner

Todd Wagner

Founder 1613 and co-founder of the Mission Fund with Michael Moe

Todd Wagner has spent the last three decades founding, building and leading a diverse group of organizations that are renowned for their innovation, impact and high return on investment. His most recent work has him serving a network of leaders in business, public service, media and other areas of strategic influence, and he is a founding partner with Michael Moe of a new mission-based fund. He is the President and founder of the 1613 Project which exists to encourage, equip and empower leaders and their organizations to remain steadfast in the face of ever increasing cultural pressures to compromise on the values and principles essential to the enduring health of civilization. He has been a keynote speaker at numerous national and international leadership conferences and a guest contributor to the Dallas Morning News, Fox News and other media outlets. Todd and his wife, Alex, have six children and an ever increasing number of grandchildren and live in Dallas, Texas.

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